Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kimbra: More than just 1/2 of a hit record

Settle Down folks, contrary to popular belief Kimbra is not one half of Gotye! Nope, actually Gotye is a guy and Kimbra was a guest singer on that one song we all love to hear over and over...even hip-hop radio threw a beat under it...yikes!

This incredibly inventive and crazy talented singer/songwriter/beat boxer(?) was suggested to me by an old pal from high school choir last year (thanks Gabe!). I actually stumbled upon the video for the covered-to-death-by-people-in-their-living-rooms:"Somebody I Used To Know" after hours of delightful Kimbra stalking on YouTube. This sensation via New Zealand made her way onto the American music scene earlier this year with her album Vows. You can catch her video for "Settle Down" on VH1 during the 2.5 hours they play music videos but my personal favorite is this one from Billboard.com.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I started this blog last year to have a safe place to gather my thoughts on all the music I adore and now I'm getting selfish and taking it back as a way to deliver my very own music.

I've just spent some time recording my first original neo-soul/pop EP in Austin, TX. It only seemed fitting that my first musical baby be born and raised in the same city and state that I was. The boys over at Major Nation Productions are currently mixing and spraying and sprinkling and glossing over the tunes and we are very excited for what's to come..

Stay on the train.

<3 SN

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hopie Spits HARD

Last night I had the pleasure of opening for a tiny hip hop superhero. Formally known as 'Hopie Spitshard', this bay area babe on the rise may look small but mama packs a BIG punch. The EMCEE currently goes by the short and sweet "Hopie" and that's exactly what she is.

Buzzing around the Bay since her self released debut album 'The Diamond Dame' in 2008, this gal has been spitting a rare breed of hip hop that local music kids have been oh so proud to put their stamp on. Fans can't get enough of her sick rhymes over sweet soul beats and warm and fuzzy samples from artists we love like Aaliyah. One of the highlights of last night's show was when Miss Hopie dropped a new tune on us featuring a sample of indie gold: The Knife. She got the Milk Bar crowd off of their bar stools, back from their smokes and packed up in the front with their hands up.

Check her OUT:

THE HERO HERSELF in her video "Yummy"

Monday, March 19, 2012


I credit my ability to imitate funny adult cartoon mom voices to my intense obsession with Barbra Streisand as a child. I could never hate either of you. xo

Thursday, March 1, 2012

SANTIGOLD: Not only good for the treadmill

I can't remember how I got into Santigold a few years ago, probably a recommendation from my boy Shane but what's done is done. After hearing her debut album and catching her live at BFD, the producer turned singer has remained at the center of my musical world (and is currently at the top of my list for Coachella this year) !!!

Actually funny story, a few Coachellas ago she walked right past me in the Sahara tent and I was all "Oh. My. God Becky.." She was super cute rocking a blonde disguise but I saw you girl I saw you.

This spring SHE RETURNS with her second album and the timing couldn't be better. It's no secret that she's very open about her disenchantment with the current state of the music industry (and it's lack of goodness). I feel some of those things too which is why I'm on pins in needles waiting to see you Santi, you and your wild wild dancers.

Check out her new single "Disparate Youth" below and "Big Mouth" a video that leads me to believe she also grew up on a lot of good 'ol Sesame Street.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Lucky me! I have a wonderful friend named Stephanie who has been my go-to music gal since Missy Elliott made us lose control in the summer of 2005. Last summer, she introduced me to the electric soul duo QUADRON.

(to hear their music check out my previous blog post: http://bit.ly/nhJ07w

Steph and I got reeeal excited when we heard they'd be playing last September at San Francisco's Brick and Mortar Music Hall. Lead singer Coco was wonderful during their set and after the final song announced "Ok we are here to party, let's dance!" She joined the crowd as a DJ continued the soul theme of the night. Yay Coco! I just love nice people who are stupid talented.

Steph, Coco, Mee!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Wow I really can't believe I haven't mentioned Little Dragon on this blog before, they are truly my one of FAVORITE bands!! Lead singer Yukimi is this little tiny thing with a crazy voice and a curiously endearing stage presence (hence her nickname and name of the band: Little Dragon. I've also heard it's because she's feisty like a dragon in the studio). 

Photo taken by my friend Jason Ochs in Big Sur, CA (twitter: @ochfish) 

I got really into her unique voice (that I can only describe as soulful with a touch of tribal), her style, and her music after a guest appearance with the Gorillaz at Coachella 2010. Immediately, I began digging up and listening to everything with her voice on it including her collaborations with SBTRKT, DJ Shadow and her run with the band 'Koop' (masters of sampling). Last year I made sure to see Little Dragon whenever they were in the bay area including a tiny chinese restaurant here in San Jose, CA (photos below) and this performance at Ameoba, San Francisco. Check it out:

These photos were taken by my boy Shane at Pagoda at the Fairmont in San Jose, CA. More cowbell!

Photo by Shane Hagerty (twitter: @sk8r408)

Photo by Shane Hagerty (twitter: @sk8r408)

To hear more music by Little Dragon visit they're site: http://little-dragon.net/