Thursday, January 27, 2011

Marina and the Diamonds: MY NEW OBSESSION PART ONE

So I wanna thank Coachella for introducing me and so many others to great underground acts. This gal and her people, well, this is what she says about her name/band: MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS..

"I never envisaged a character, pop project, band or solo artist. I saw a simple group made up of many people who had the same hearts. A space for people with similar ideals who could not fit in to life's pre-made mould. I was terribly awkward for a long time! I really craved to be part of one thing because I never felt too connected to anybody and now I feel I have that all around me."

I LIKE EM' I like em' a lot. Here's her video for "I am not a Robot" I can't tell if I love the song or the make-up more...glitter lips? DONE.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Miss Etta, I hope you know by now that you're it. You're everything. Happy 73rd mama.

Steely Nash and the Cuts IN THE KITCHEN

Sorry for the brief hiatus, we (STEELY NASH AND THE CUTS) were in the kitchen cookin' up some original SOUL for y'all!
No more hiding behind other peoples music! It's about the time..

All of these words, these notes, these sounds have just been pouring out of me thanks to all of the soul inspiration I've been into for the last, well, forever. When the time is right you just gotta jump on it I suppose.

Follow the link to preview a free sample of our debut EP: "Paper Doll"

Hope you like it, we sure do!

Friday, January 7, 2011

LITTLE DRAGON: PART ONE What 2011 sounds like.

When I heard the Gorillaz latest album PLASTIC BEACH I died.

When I woke up I was in Coachella heaven and there was LITTLE DRAGON. I was mystified.

"If someone took me aside ten years ago and said that 'this is what music will sound like in 2011', I would totally believe them." -Shane "SHAG" Hagerty

Little Dragon blew our minds off at the FAIRMONT, yes, the Hotel/Chinese Restaurant in San Jose, CA (!) as they kicked off their 2011 MACHINE DREAMS Tour last night.

Every move she makes kills me.

And brings me back to life.