Monday, March 14, 2011

Gearing up for Coachella: Where the soul at?

Black Keys, Cee Lo Green, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu. Done. Plus all the acts I've yet to discover. After 6 years of Coachella I never underestimate the power of the festival, the people and the music.

One of my favorite memories was catching Gnarles Barkley play their FIRST show EVER! I just walked upon this spectacle of what looked like the Wizard of OZ with instruments. Cee Lo was the lion (in the desert sun, that boy is committed!) and Danger Mouse rocked steady as the Tin Man. Believe me when I tell you that NO ONE knew the words to "Crazy" yet, the smash hit of the summer, EXCEPT my boy Shane and I simply because it leaked on myspace (remember myspace?) the same weekend we moved into a new apartment.

We couldn't get enough of "St. Elsewhere" and played it on repeat the entire weekend. We looked like freaks screaming "Craaaaaaaaazaaayy!" But we knew they'd know soon enough. Here's hoping for more unforgettable Coachella moments this year.

Y'all know by now I don't stick strictly to soul although it is my first love...

Other acts I'm dying for are: Scissor Sisters, Marina and the Diamonds, CSS and The Kills. I also cannot wait to see the Strokes reunite. We've been chasing Julian around for the past year and it looks like he's brought a little solo love to the new album. We'll see!!! Pack up ya sunscreen, let's get it in.