Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DIRTY PILLOWS: New skool garage rock with an old skool twist

Back to Cali and the first thing I treated myself to was a fine show by the best band that has happened to garage rock melodies since The Strokes. Dirty Pillows.

When guitarist/lead singer Alex "Millhows" Villanueva, a polite but painfully awkward guy, gathers his shy self, folds it up, and packs it away neatly into a proper vintage suitcase (that one can only assume he owns); musical magic seems to stream from his face. With the right set (The Blank's silver streamers and red lights help) he morphs into a mad man and manages to master a talent that is both vulnerable and bad-ass. 

This magic can only be accomplished with the help of rock star rhythm kid Jeff Jagged. Here is a true old skool drummer with a love for times past and a complete understanding of the progression of rock and roll (and every other genre you can think of). 
Together they give in to their inner 1960's rockstar with true style and a new dirty flavor. 

Come see for yourself.
TONIGHT Live @ The Blank Club
Wednesday, July 13
Doors 9pm