Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baby It's Warm in the Dirty South (single entry)

Alright babies, I'm off to Texas to spend Christmas with the Mom's 'n em.  Maybe even meet some kin I've never known (Mom was adopted).

In the meantime, here's my favorite Christmas song...

It's actually a pretty scandalous duet..clearly the two are fighting back some hott hott urges here. But baby, it's so wonderfully scored that we happily dismiss the singing dialogue as cheeky and adorable. This was originally recorded by Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer BUT I found this version (from the classic film, Neptune's Daughter) in which the male and female parts are swapped (don't you let 'em get away sister!)

Here is Red Skelton and Betty Garret in "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

Monday, December 20, 2010


Straight up...just wanted y'all to see these boots. A handsome camera man once said to me, "Man, there are boots, and then there are BOOOOOTS!"
He also asked me if I had a pair of pants that were NOT sparkly...

I said "Hell no."

Here is Kidnapper:

An addition to her glorious fashion, you might wanna pay attention to that fierce growl she do.

She sho' do show 'em how ta cut!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wonder Girls PART THREE (Final Post of 3): It keeps gettin' better, babies.

Just when you thought the city was safe, you devastatingly learn "through a reliable (and yellow-eye-shadowed) source" that there's an alien Pikachu standing between you and your night of disco dancin'! Oh Snaps! :( But don'choo worry fro lovahs 'cause the Wonder Girls (c/o The JYP) with their fabulous, neon do's and multi-colored American Apparel tights (I know you anywhere!) gotcha covered. 

Check out this insanely kitschy and deliciously scrumptious video for their single "2 Different Tears" and yes, the alien is the hilarity that is Bobby Lee. (I ain't mad atchoo!)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Why-I-dye-for-Vinyl PART ONE: I'll blow my horn 'till someone blows it!

Funny Girl (1968) is the first album I ever found (for $0.50 at a trailer park yard sale..rag n' bones y'all) And continues to be my very favorite album and my pick for best musical of all time. 

Funny Girl is a story about Fanny Brice, an awkward, skinny, young lady. Even her mother says: 

"Though she looks a bit off-balance, she possesses golden talents!" 

After getting her big break by saying she could roller skate (she could not), she continues to stay true to herself throughout her journey to stardom often engaging in crazy behavior like leaving a gig with the Follies in pursuit of love..

"Don't tell me not to live, just sit an' puh-tah!"

Fanny Brice lives her life unapologetically and is as passionate about her nails as she is her dreams.

Here's a clip from the final number: "My Man"

Souls Of Mischief PART ONE:

My man Shane got me into this crew. So deliciously sick. This video is baaaaad.
Thanks baby.
<3 Steely


This is how we chill...from-ninety-three-'til.

Wonder Girls PART TWO:

Follow up to the lovely Wondergirls. The ending pose is worth every second of the bathroom humor (literally) What a wonder-fully silly intro. Thank you JYP Entertainment.


Wonder Girls PART ONE:

These Ladies KILL IT with the fashion and the mic skills. Mmmhmmm. Mo' on that later, babies.

Bio: The birth of STEELY NASH

As a young girl growing up in Texas, the sassy Steely Nash sang non-stop on a hillside to an audience of steers and heifers at her Grandpa's ranch in Paris.

After a chance viewing of the 1968 hit movie "Funny Girl" the young Steely became obsessed with classic musicals and, thanks to her mother's intense love for garage sales, she began collecting anything and everything of the sort on vinyl. 

Ms. Nash was later accepted to the prestigious Roosevelt University (The Chicago College of Performing Arts) and tried her jazz hand at Musical Theatre but quickly found that there were very few roles for a diva who looked like Cinderella and sang like the Wicked Witch.

A heartbroken and lost young lady, Steely was scooped out of the snow by her people and together they ran to sunny California. After meeting the love of her life and finding a home with the folks of Ameoba Records (SF) she fell even more into obsession with the beautiful and tangible magic of vinyl records.

Steely was spotted there and began working with the underground San Francisco kids of Barbarasteele (indie art rock), Wicked Mercies (gritty soul), and the Bang (a 60's girl group review). She was also a founding member of the classy/sexy/fabulous ENNE ENNE (punk, soul, Rock NN Roll).

After receiving wildly positive reviews for her summertime portrayal of the ego-maniac/performance artist "Maureen" in a local production RENT, Ms. Nash got in the kitchen and began to cook up some greasy soul tunes.

Steely Nash was born. This time with fire in her eyes and a bit sprinkled into her hair. 

Steely Nash and the Cuts will be releasing songs and playing secret shows all over the bay. Follow @steelynash on Twitter to stay informed. Aaaaand...