Thursday, May 26, 2011

1960's Fashion: London

This video takes you on a trip to London's most fashionable shops in the 1960's. Yum.

"To people who can put LIVING before a living..."

 "A Look at Life: IN GEAR" narrated by Michael Ingram

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Alison Mosshart of THE KILLS likes my girl. I already loved you Alison. Now it's deep.

"Track in the Box" is a music newsletter meant to help you find music without having to 'trawl through the multitude of music blogs' (...) 

Recently they have highlighted a timeless track chosen by rock duo, The Kills.

This is one of my favorite songs called "I Just Want to Make Love to You" off of Etta James's most successful album "At Last"

Now I see where Alison gets all her fantastic grit and stage presence.  

It's SO comforting to know that rock goddesses take cues from SOUL. 

Etta delivers these lyrics with a passion that can only be admired and imitated, never reproduced. She takes absolute control of this number and I continue to die for it every time. Ms. Mosshart agrees:

"What a voice! What a song. This one never gets old, it's too good sounding." (Alison)

Well mama, you already had me at 'Alphabet Pony' but now we must be soul sistahs.

Check out THE KILLS latest album titled Blood Pressures and see them live see them live see them live.

Till you do here's 'Satellite'

Let's do it 60's STYLE

Do not apologize fo ya Beehive. Check out some Faith Brown, lovin' the look of this video.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Death From Above Murdered my SOUL

I have been known to step out of the SOUL box with this blog because, well, I tend to find soul in just about everything. But THIS BAND, yes, I know many of you knew already but be nice to a sistah who just found out....THIS BAND. PERIOD.

Once again I have to credit the musical genius that I call boo, Shane Hagerty (rockNroll OBSESSED) for getting me into this magnificent man rock duo.

I know how to werk a sweaty Coachella crowd but was a little leary about gettin in the mix and havin to throw my bows to block the fool that would probably murder me at this show. Maybe it was the sunset that calmed the storm. Or maybe it was the fact that everyone was at a STAND STILL. Once the boys started killing us with their raw, brutal and surprisingly sweet rock tunes, we couldn't move, we couldn't breathe, we could only stand mouth agape. Somehow these sexy-disgusting men meshed crushing drums and base with sensitive lyrics. Imagine a screaming marriage proposal supported by the sick, psychotic, crashing BRILLIANCE of sound, "WE'LL GET MARRIED AND START A FAMILY!!!!" Holy shit I'm in love.

I've mentioned before that every band/artist I write about influences my own musical journey so...Steely Nash and the Cuts are striving to be a duo these days. It all came to me during this show. Was I really living before this show? Nah. But now I am.


Game changers.