Friday, April 27, 2012

Hopie Spits HARD

Last night I had the pleasure of opening for a tiny hip hop superhero. Formally known as 'Hopie Spitshard', this bay area babe on the rise may look small but mama packs a BIG punch. The EMCEE currently goes by the short and sweet "Hopie" and that's exactly what she is.

Buzzing around the Bay since her self released debut album 'The Diamond Dame' in 2008, this gal has been spitting a rare breed of hip hop that local music kids have been oh so proud to put their stamp on. Fans can't get enough of her sick rhymes over sweet soul beats and warm and fuzzy samples from artists we love like Aaliyah. One of the highlights of last night's show was when Miss Hopie dropped a new tune on us featuring a sample of indie gold: The Knife. She got the Milk Bar crowd off of their bar stools, back from their smokes and packed up in the front with their hands up.

Check her OUT:

THE HERO HERSELF in her video "Yummy"