Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kimbra: More than just 1/2 of a hit record

Settle Down folks, contrary to popular belief Kimbra is not one half of Gotye! Nope, actually Gotye is a guy and Kimbra was a guest singer on that one song we all love to hear over and over...even hip-hop radio threw a beat under it...yikes!

This incredibly inventive and crazy talented singer/songwriter/beat boxer(?) was suggested to me by an old pal from high school choir last year (thanks Gabe!). I actually stumbled upon the video for the covered-to-death-by-people-in-their-living-rooms:"Somebody I Used To Know" after hours of delightful Kimbra stalking on YouTube. This sensation via New Zealand made her way onto the American music scene earlier this year with her album Vows. You can catch her video for "Settle Down" on VH1 during the 2.5 hours they play music videos but my personal favorite is this one from Billboard.com.


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