Thursday, January 27, 2011

Marina and the Diamonds: MY NEW OBSESSION PART ONE

So I wanna thank Coachella for introducing me and so many others to great underground acts. This gal and her people, well, this is what she says about her name/band: MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS..

"I never envisaged a character, pop project, band or solo artist. I saw a simple group made up of many people who had the same hearts. A space for people with similar ideals who could not fit in to life's pre-made mould. I was terribly awkward for a long time! I really craved to be part of one thing because I never felt too connected to anybody and now I feel I have that all around me."

I LIKE EM' I like em' a lot. Here's her video for "I am not a Robot" I can't tell if I love the song or the make-up more...glitter lips? DONE.

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