Friday, December 17, 2010

Why-I-dye-for-Vinyl PART ONE: I'll blow my horn 'till someone blows it!

Funny Girl (1968) is the first album I ever found (for $0.50 at a trailer park yard sale..rag n' bones y'all) And continues to be my very favorite album and my pick for best musical of all time. 

Funny Girl is a story about Fanny Brice, an awkward, skinny, young lady. Even her mother says: 

"Though she looks a bit off-balance, she possesses golden talents!" 

After getting her big break by saying she could roller skate (she could not), she continues to stay true to herself throughout her journey to stardom often engaging in crazy behavior like leaving a gig with the Follies in pursuit of love..

"Don't tell me not to live, just sit an' puh-tah!"

Fanny Brice lives her life unapologetically and is as passionate about her nails as she is her dreams.

Here's a clip from the final number: "My Man"

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